The Spring Dance: Part 2

It all began early on in the school year, as the great maple gracing the school grounds began to blush with fall’s steady advances. At his young age, Robert had already mastered the subtle and thoroughly enjoyable art of the prank. It is important to note that to qualify his understanding of this art as having reached the level of mastery is by no means an exaggeration. He did not simply exploit any and all opportunities to revel in superfluous prank opportunities. Instead, he spent long moments thinking, planning, detailing and strategizing, taking just as much pleasure from the long-drawn out process of engineering a prank as he did from finally executing it.  This time, Robert, hoping to cement his reputation as a legend at Robert Royce High forever, had come up with the big one!

To mark the beginning of every school year, a student and staff assembly was conducted by the principal to introduce new staff and set the tone going forward. The ending of the assembly was always reserved for the most promising student of the senior year, who was tasked with writing a short speech to remind all students, especially seniors, of the importance of applying themselves to their schoolwork and their studies. Jenny Peters was in charge of delivering that message and she was thrilled. Her excitement could not be contained the days leading up to the start of the year as she prepared for her moment to shine. Her whole being poured over each word as she drafted what would certainly be the most stirring, most thought-provoking and life-changing speech ever heard at Robert Royce High School.  She was the kind of person who strove for perfection in every single endeavour she undertook simply because hard work and dedication always yielded amazing results, especially when things depended on her and her alone. To her, life was always about completing the next step exceptionally well.  The only problem was there was always a next step!

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The Spring Dance: Part 1

Springtime socials in the small town of Royceville were always a pleasant proposition to most of the townspeople there.  The most anticipated of these events, at least for the young seniors at Robert Royce High School, was, of course, the Spring Dance. For some, it was simply another chance to enjoy the companionship of friends while celebrating the nearing end of the school year. For others, it was a chance to welcome the warmer weather with the excitement of exploring budding romances. Both the single girls and the single guys had great expectations for the evening as its unfolding would make or break the possibility of having a boyfriend or a girlfriend for the oncoming summer break. After all, what was summer worth without having someone lovely to share it with?

The organization of the Spring Dance fell to a committee of volunteer seniors generally composed of members of the ever sprightly and zealous cheerleading squad. Things were a little different this year. For the first time in a decade, the Robert Royce High squad had won the regional cheerleading championships and was off to compete in the state championships. The dance was close to being cancelled due to the absence of its organizers, but, as luck would have it, it was decided that two seniors should be picked to finalize the last details. It would after all be a terrible shame to have to cancel such a special event.

Robert Lawson and Jenny Peters were the lucky two chosen to head up the Spring Dance committee and they both could not be any more miserable. Both enjoyed dances in their own way; Robert because it was a great opportunity to make fun of the fancied up kids pretending to be adults; Jenny because she always dreamed that she would experience her first kiss there. However, it was working with each other that repulsed them both. In fact, over the past year, Jenny and Robert had developed a genuine dislike for one another.

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