The Spring Dance: Part 3

Both of their worlds collided in a symbiotic mixture of comedy and tragedy, when, at the assembly, the lights suddenly grew brighter right before Jenny’s big moment. Balloons of every color imaginable then began falling down onto the auditorium stage. It would have been a lovely scene of celebratory elation had the balloons not been filed to the brim with water. Instead, it turned into a scene of panic and confusion as the staff was being bombarded, running but mostly slipping off of the stage and dripping bucketfuls of water all over the floor. Jenny’s position at the center of the stage, standing excitedly at the podium, left her particularly vulnerable to the onslaught. Within seconds, she was drenched. She could hear the roar of laughter coming from the audience. Despite her anger and frustration, she mostly felt embarrassed. She had diligently prepared for her moment in the spotlight and now the moment was taken away from her in what was the stupidest display of immaturity ever conceived. Instead of people cheering at her speech, they were now laughing belittlingly at her.


Robert was ecstatic! His plan worked perfectly, every single detail came off without a hitch. As his beautiful water bombs came raining down, the look on the principal’s face was priceless, a mix of raw anger and utter hopelessness. His happiness at that moment was unimaginable. The only flaw in Robert’s plan, if it could be called a flaw for it was certainly planned and accounted for, resulted from his own vanity. He needed to witness the prank as it unfolded, he needed to witness the materialization of his genius as it occurred. Also, he needed all of his fellow students to know that he was the one responsible for their entertainment. Thus, he had to bribe one of the younger kids to pull the rope that released the water balloons. Unfortunately, there was no other way to see his plans come to fruition and advertise the fact that he was their author other than by being caught. As Robert had foreseen, the kid was spotted in the act, caught and questioned. Soon enough, Robert found himself in the administrative offices, sitting in front of the principal, being loudly berated and waiting patiently for the storm to pass. The news spread quickly though, as such things are wont to, and Robert’s efforts were loudly praised.

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