The Spring Dance: Part 5

When it was announced that the dance would most probably have to be cancelled due to the cheerleading squad’ unlooked for success, Jenny immediately headed to the school administration, having in mind to volunteer as the de facto organizer. It so happened that Robert was in the principal’s office at that very moment, being yet again berated for some small prank or another.

Life, every now and then, is kind enough to bestow upon a lucky few of us a moment of clarity, brilliance, genius if you will. It is my firm belief that such moments are the work of a higher power as they seem to weave the very fabric of destiny and therefore of life itself. It is also my firm belief that the principal was graced with such a moment at that precise point in time for he decided, then and there, just as Jenny was talking to the vice-principal within earshot, that Robert would also be “volunteering” to help organize the dance alongside Jenny.

Jenny’s face could not have contorted with more disgust and repulsiveness as it did when the principal made the decision. While she was thrilled to be able to save the dance, she also dreaded having to work with Robert. For his part Robert was mortified. He could not stand wasting his time on a dance. He begged the principal to reconsider, to find any other form of punishment. When he realized that, in the principal’s mind, that matter was closed, his anger and frustration welled up to the point where his entire face was bright red. As the steam seemed to rise from his forehead, he understood the precariousness of his situation; the principal threatened to hold Robert back from graduating and to force him to attend summer school if the dance did not go off without a hitch. It was then that Jenny’s facial expression somewhat softened with the principal asking her to report on Robert’s behavior. She would be the deciding factor in the outcome not only of Robert entire summer, but of his entire life.

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