The Spring Dance: Final Part

They reached the shelter of the aging overpass and looked at each other with the same enquiring eyes, asking the question without saying it: what should we do now? Robert suggested that they wait out the storm, Jenny shrugged and sat down on the sidewalk. He sat down next to her and tried to wring most of the water out of his clothes. He looked up at her. She was only a few inches away from him now, her clothes were just as soaked as his were her hair was thick and heavy with water. She was breathing lightly and was turned slightly away from him. As she turned to face him, he was suddenly struck by how beautiful she looked to him at that very moment. She always had been but now it was undeniable and pervaded his senses. Her look of melancholy only added to that beauty and he was filled with despair though he did not know why.

He asked if she was ok. Jenny replied, unconvincingly, that she was fine. He mustered up the courage to ask her if she was somehow upset at him, and it was at that moment that, without warning, she exploded into a frenzy of anger, frustration and tears. Robert was only just able to piece together from the yelling and the gesticulating that his prank at the beginning of the year had ruined her moment to shine. It dawned on him then that she associated the pain and torment of that moment to him and that whenever they passed the auditorium together, those feelings would haunt her again.

Amid both ongoing storms, the rainstorm and Jenny’s fury, Robert felt tears streaming down his cheeks. Noticing his tears, Jenny abruptly stopped berating him. She felt terrible and an upwelling sensation of pity for Robert and disappointment in herself filled her heart. She starting crying as well. They both looked again at each other, at the pitiful sight they made and began simultaneously to laugh. Their laughter echoed under the overpass around them and spread so that anyone that would have heard that laughter could not have helped but join in on it. They laughed at length and when they eventually quieted down, looked each other expectantly. Robert reached for Jenny’s hand and as he did, Jenny slowly moved closer to him. She gently placed her hand under his chin and their eyes locked again for a brief instant before their lips touched.

They lost track of time under that old overpass and thought nothing of it. They had not noticed when the rain had subsided, but they now rose and walked to Jenny’s house, hand in hand. The twinkle in their eyes seemed to light their way and their smiles shone through the shroud of night…

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved ·


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