Beats, Groovin’ and the Lulas: Part 1

Excited, nervous, anxious, eager, thrilled; these are the emotions that defined my being as we drove down the streets of Montreal with music blasting from the worn down Infinity speaker system on my Chrysler LHS or as we liked to call it the Silver Bullet. Oddly enough, what was playing was “L.A. Woman” by The Doors. Our choice of music was odd simply because we were headed to a rave. In fact, it was, at the time, the biggest rave in Montreal, the Black and Blue. We were obsessed with The Doors then, and almost every evening when I met up with my friends to mostly hang out and smoke marijuana, The Doors would accompany us on what were our nightly escapes. Before The Doors, it was The Wu-Tang Clan, whose lyrics to “Triumph” we sometimes still spontaneously start singing to this day.

Black and Blue was and still is an event held in early October, as the cooler weather had an already firm grasp on the city. We were now nearing the Olympic Stadium and we pulled into the parking lot, paying the attendant about $20. There was no time to waste in looking for a free spot on what would surely be already car-crowded streets. I enjoyed getting to raves early and insisted on arriving there for about 11:00 pm. You never knew how the lineups to get in were going to be like and I despised waiting on the outside while hearing the beats teasing me from the inside, just knowing I was missing something good. We found a spot and exited the Silver Bullet.

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