Beats, Groovin’ and the Lulas: Part 2

Now was the time to ensure nothing would be forgotten in the car. It was a repetition of the exercise of checking off the list of necessary items when we got into the car in the first place: money, tickets, smokes, gum and drugs. Drugs were of course high on the priority list, however, security would often search people for weapons or drugs as they were entering such big grooves as the Black and Blue. Weapons were seldom an issue at this event. In the time I had been going to raves, I noticed that physical altercations involving weapons tended to occur in the raves that had a Hip-Hop room. In any case, I found absolutely no issue with them searching for weapons but I definitely took issue with security finding and confiscating my drugs. My friends and I had come up with a fool-proof solution, ensuring that our little pills would not be discovered. We called it the Con-cock-tion. Before leaving our meeting place for the groove, we would place our pills in one of those small sealable bags that drugs always seemed to packaged in anyways. We would then tape the bags around the base of our genitalia. We had used other methods of concealing our drugs in the past; however security at these events had slowly grown more persistent in their searches. The Con-cock-tion never failed.

As we approached the entrance, ending the long walk from the parking area, I began to hear the music in the air. I immediately felt a surge of energy flow through my body and I turned to my friends to look for that same intensity in their eyes. Steve’s hands were in the air, Ants was already performing his signature crouching twist dance move and Seb’s shoulders were moving up and down as his smile widened from ear to ear. I felt overjoyed; it was the culmination of weeks of waiting for this moment. To feel that connection with my friends, to not only see their joy but to understand and live it completely was sublime. We made our way to the short lineup and hardly waited at all to hand in our tickets and be admitted inside.

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