writer’s log 2017-09-28 12:56 am

A moment in spacetime…

It has been difficult sitting down and just writing. I don’t know why.

maybe i’m scared…




The Spring Dance: Part 6

As it turned out, organizing the dance was more of a challenge than expected. Much of the leg work remained to be done, contrary to what everyone had thought. Jenny and Robert would meet every day after class to work on all of the intricacies involved with the creation of such an event. Robert hated every single excruciating minute of it and Jenny, knowing Robert’s feelings on the matter, relished in setting up more meetings and adding more tasks to his to do list.

Spending more and more time working on the dance preparations, he slowly and almost imperceptibly came to enjoy it. In fact, as he took on more and more responsibility, he felt empowered. The meetings he held with Jenny started resembling collaborative discussions rather than sessions where Jenny’s input was law and Robert drudgingly obeyed her every command.

As the day of the dance approached, Jenny was increasingly awed by Robert’s transformation. Whereas she had originally thought him to be a complete fool, she now saw his intelligence, his creativity and his passion. Nevertheless, she could not bring herself to forget about Robert’s childish prank at the assembly and would often be reminded of it at the end of their meetings as they would walk by the auditorium on their way out of the school. When they would part, Robert began to notice, after a few sessions, that same fleeting look of mingled anger and disgust on her face that he had noticed earlier on in the year when their eyes would lock for a brief moment as they passed each other in the hallways.

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